Prof. Dr. Rainer Haller



Congratulation to ISH 2015 student awardees

  • The influence of the moisture during the electrical conductivity measurement on the high density impregnated pressboard - Farzaneh Vahidi
  • Dielectric testing of hv vacuum interrupters during capacitive current switching - Benjamin Baum
  • A simulation of electrical transient on 115kV high voltage equipment in substation caused by capacitor bank switching - Warunee Srisongkram
  • Preparation and basic property of superhydrophobic silicone rubber surfaces - Zhipeng Yan
  • Electric field analysis and electrical insulation performance for a solid insulator in HVDC gas insulated switchgear - Takayuki Sakai
  • Investigating the effects of nanoparticles on the electric field in dielectric material - Darryn Ryan Cornish
  • Effect of type of insulating kraft pulp on electrical properties of oil-paper - Jianwen Huang
  • Experimental evaluation of lightning protection zone through impulse voltage tests on a scaled down ship model - Eleni Nicolopoulou
  • Using of von mises criterion to determine the failure proximity and dynamic deformation analysis on transformers’ windings - Jalberth Fernandes de Araújo
  • Space charge characteristics and the electric field distoration after polarity reversal operation in two layers of oil-impreagnated paper and oil - Bo Huang
  • Classification of the polymeric insulators degradation conditions by UV radiation levels (corona) and fuzzy logic - Camila Pires Gouveia Guedes
  • Dissolved gas analysis of a gas to liquid hydrocarbon transformer oil under thermal faults - XiongFei Wang
  • Application of directional couplers for partial discharge measurement on HVDC GIS/GIL test setups - Michael Walch
  • Analysis of electromagnetic field in a vicinity of multi-circuit overhead lines with different voltage level - Tomáš Nazarčík
  • Evaluation of dynamic hydrophobicity properties with the dynamic drop test under AC and DC stress and the hydrophobicity transfer test - Christiane Baer
  • Assessing new SF6 replacement gases through pulsed townsend experiments - Pascal Häfliger
  • Partial discharge analysis under hybrid AC/DC field stress - Hassan Saadati
  • Capacitive-resistive transition in gas insulated DC systems under the influence of particles on the insulator surface - Maria Hering
  • A novel technique for measuring HVDC insulator leakage current using magnetic field sensors - Morné Roman
  • Steady-state and transient electrical potential distributions in HVDC bushings measured under different thermal conditions - Isabell Wirth






















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